AlunaGeorge Review: Body Music


Body Music

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AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” came out in 2011, and I believe I featured it on one of my very first LxListening entries.  Since that time, I have probably listened to the track at least a hundred times.  “Your Drums, Your Love” was featured by us as the #20 best song of 2012 after coming out in December of that year.  Anybody that’s been following AlunaGeorge should also be familiar with “Attracting Flies”, “Bad Idea”, and “Just a Touch”.  Out of the 14 tracks on Body Music, I was intimately familiar with five of those tracks, arguably five of the strongest tracks on the album.

So, I’m at a conundrum that I would like to call the “Cruel Summer” conundrum.  The imperative question is this:  Due to the best portions of the album already being “old hat”, is the album still viewed as a solid effort or anticlimactic in nature?  I think it depends on the album, and in the case of Body Music, I think the wait was still worth it.
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LxListening: All Hail the Queen

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Queen Victoria...she had a really nice personality.

With the explosion of the internet, it is somehow hard to believe that I don’t hear much of the good music that originates in ye ole’ England.  Even some pretty big pop acts still have to be sought out, due to an absurd lack of exposure in the states.  This week, I’ve decided to share a couple of acts from our cousins across the pond that are particularly striking my fancy right now.
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