Wye Oak Review: Shriek

Wye Oak


Wye Oak Shriek album cover art

Bands putting down their guitars and picking up synths has become a tired trend in the indie rock world. I totally understand  that electronic music has bled into all our lives, and musicians are influenced by what they here and love. Still, its become a common and tedious narrative to so many new albums in the past five years. But Baltimore duo Wye Oak’s synth reinvention is different for a number of reasons. Instead of shedding their rock sensibilities in favor of a shinier and dancier sound, Wye Oak’s latest Shriek shows the band actually amplifying their rockingness through the use of virtuousic bass and jarring synthesizers.
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Sharon Van Etten Review

Sharon Van Etten


Sharon Van Etten Tramp album cover art

There is no shortage of female singer/songwriters. While surely this isn’t the 90’s, when Lilith Fair ruled the pop airwaves, there is still a fair share of females singer/songwriters vying for your attention in 2012, with Adele sweeping the Grammys and other artists from the mainstream (Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Caillat) and indie world (Feist, Regina Spektor) still grabbing tons of radio time.
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