LxListening: All Things New

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I know what you may be thinking/hoping, but no, this is unfortunately not a short playlist dedicated to the christian contemporary-Americana-folk-southern pop band (as they are described on their Wikipedia page) All Things New. This is in fact a short playlist dedicated to the bits of something new from the past week. We have all been gifted a nice latter year surplus of great albums and songs lately, and here are a few of my favorites from those recent drops (or in some cases, about to be dropped). I hope you enjoy:

CHVRCHES – “Tether”

CHVRCHES’ highly anticipated debut album officially releases next week, and here is what I consider to be the best track on the album. From the slow build up, to the epically great M83-esque breakdown toward the end, this tracks perfectly displays the depths of what this band can do and why they are easy to fall in love with.
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Elvis Costello & The Roots Review: Wise Up Ghost

Elvis Costello and The Roots
Wise Up Ghost
Elvis Costello and The Roots, wise up ghost, Album Cover

Last year we all fell in love with the collaboration efforts of an old legend and a young genius, when David Byrne teamed up with St. Vincent to release Love This Giant. It was one of the better collaboration albums in recent years, and one my favorites of 2012. This year, we are gifted another equally jarring, but equally great combo with the release of Wise Up Ghost, a collaboration between Elvis Costello and The Roots. This is a collaboration that I don’t think many people would have ever predicted would happen, but one that is easy to fall in love with. After meeting each other on the set of Jimmy Fallon, the beloved legend and the hip hopsters from Philly decided to embark on a series of recording sessions, that after a full year of efforts will be released tomorrow. And if you knew what was good for your ears, mind and soul, you would not hesitate to acquire a copy.
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