Top 10 Best James Bond Theme Songs

007 James Bond, opening theme

Last weekend, the twenty-third installment of the James Bond series was released in theaters across the world. Although I have yet to see it, Skyfall has been claimed to be one of the best Bond movies there is. With every good Bond movie there is a Bond girl. There is also a new car, new weapons, sometimes a new Bond, and certainly always a new theme song. So we decided in honor of everyone’s favorite British spy movies, to list out our favorite James Bond theme songs. Per usual, in order to rank this list fairly we set up a few ground rules. No using Dr. No was our first rule. Although it would have certainly been our #1, it is the standard “James Bond Theme Song” that has been used in every movie since. Also, we tried our best to judge on the caliber of the song and how it fit the James Bond theme. We paid no mind to the visuals of the opening sequence, the bond girl of that particular movie, nor which actor played Bond. Although, funny enough as you will see, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig (the two best bonds by majority vote) do dominate the list, while Timothy Dalton barely snuck by with even a mention. So without further ado, here comes our most action-packed list thus far. Brace yourself, this list is served shakin’ … not stirred.
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LxListening: 8 Days a Week

The Beatles playlist

So partially because I’ve been on a huge Beatles kick after seeing Beatles LOVE in February, partially because the spring is the best time of year for the Beatles, and partially because I want to drive Austin crazy with Beatlemania (and steal from his Wu Tang only list idea), I’ve decided to do an all Beatles playlist. And no I’m not talking about “Help”, “Hey Jude”, and “All You Need Is Love”, but some deeper (but equally great) cuts, some other noteworthy hits, and, yes, even some solo Beatles work.

Before I get going, you may find it trite, but I feel it’s mandatory to state that the Beatles are the greatest (and most important) band of all time, and if you don’t agree, you don’t have a clue. What those four lads from Liverpool did in seven years for music (13 monumental albums) is more than anyone has done in their musical lifetimes. With that out of the way, without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman, the Beatles!
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