Top Ten Thursday: Wedding Reception Favoritas

So, I have been traveling the past three weekends to various weddings in St. Louis and Omaha, and thought that after all the weddings I have been to this season, that we could do a list of top wedding songs. Now, you may question lack of slow songs on this list. That is because weddings are for party-dance, and if you are not the one getting married, emotions should be left in the dust.

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Keep it tight; Keep it fresh

After a whirlwind 3 weeks with a wedding every weekend, I am more than ready to put an end to my tour de Midwest, and just sleep.  But, in the 40+ hours I have been traveling I have had a lot of time to listen to music, and pretty much did not taken advantage of this opportunity at all.  M83, which Wes will be reviewing in the next couple of weeks here, provided the bulk of my musical listenings.  Instead of music, I took the alternate path of the stand-up comedy album to consume my time.  I basically just searched “best stand-up comedy albums” and downloaded various recommendations from blogs just like this one, or sites like avclub.  I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to these near as much as I did, and came away with a few thoughts, favorites, and recommendations of my own.
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