Jay-Z and Kanye Show Review: A Heavyweight Bout

Kanye West & Jay-Z

Watch The Throne Tour

Palace at Auburn Hills

Detroit, MI


Kanye West, the Boxer
Who Gon' Stop Me haah?

Two days after Thanksgiving, Austin and I strapped on our gold watches and chains and headed up to Motown to see the two biggest acts (egos) in hip hop today, Kanye West and Jay-Z, join together to put on one massive show. As the marquee would suggest, the show was quite simply two and a half hours of unadulterated Jay and Ye, meaning no opening act, no guests, and an almost non-existent backing band, though there was plenty of flash and flair in the duo’s stage show.
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Wale Review: A Breath of Hip-Hop Fresh Air


Wale, Ambition, Cover, Art, Gangster

There has been this absurd narrative floating around, basically lauding Wale for resurrecting from the dead to release a second studio album. It’s not like the guy completely shat the bed on his debut or anything, it was just an utter commercial failure. In essence, this narrative is propagating the theory that the only hip-hop albums of any value are those with mass commercial appeal.
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Watch the Throne Review Royale

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Watch the Throne

Two listens into Watch the Throne, the collaborative release of the two self-anointed kings of rap, I was afraid that The Throne was simply the musical equivalent of the Miami Heat; all flair and no substance.

Fortunately, that isn’t actually the case, though Watch the Throne isn’t quite championship material. On the surface, Watch the Throne is an album of two of the richest men in showbiz bragging about being the best and living the Hollywood lifestyle with little to no conflict; sort of like a bad Entourage episode. But look beyond the gold-plated façade, and you will find some real substance on Watch the Throne, both musically and lyrically.
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