Big Boi & Killer Mike Show Review

Big Boi & Killer Mike

The Vogue

Indianapolis, IN

April 30, 2013

big boi killer mike

There is a difference between having a lot of fun at a show, and a show being legitimately good.  I had a lot of fun at the Big Boi & Killer Mike show, but only one of the two artists present really impressed me, and it may not be the one you’d immediately expect.  Just by saying that, I’m sure everyone is clued into the fact I enjoyed Killer Mike much, much more than Big Boi.  Let me go through the two performances in chronological order, just to give you a taste of the whole experience.
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Madonna’s Halftime Show Review

It’s fair to say that there are plenty of overrated things in the entertainment industry. HBO’s Entourage, Michael Bay, the entire clan of Kardashians (not just Kim), and essentially everything in the vein of “Hollywood life” or “Los Angeles culture” all lead the pack in worthless assets to the industry that should make people cringe, and maybe even throw-up in their mouth a little bit. Close behind all of these resides a special spot for the worthlessness of the Super Bowl halftime show. Don’t get me wrong, I love football, and the Super Bowl itself, and all the fun and hype that come along with it. But over the years, the halftime shows have just become a chore to watch. In fact there are really only two non-nudity involved halftime shows that have really ever stood out to me, and last nights performance was actually one of them.
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