Charles Bradley Q&A

Charles Bradley Interview

Little by Listen: I saw you this summer at Millennium Park in Chicago, and I found your show to be really inspiring and also just really fun.  It was a free show, and a friend of mine and I always talk about how artists sometimes mail it in at these free shows where it isn’t all just your fans, but you did the complete opposite of that. What motivates you to pour every ounce of energy you have on stage?
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Charles Bradley Review: Victim of Love

Charles Bradley

Victim of Love

charles bradley victim of love album cover art

Quite possibly the best story in music the last few years has been that of 64-year-old soul singer Charles Bradley. Bradley released his debut album at the ripe old age of 62 – which is about 40 years older than most musicians – coming after a 40 year jouney to finally realize his childhood dream of being a successful musician. Bradley lived in streets and subway cars as a teen, hitchhiked all-around America, worked an assortment of odd jobs, performed as a James Brown impersonator, and saw his brother get shot to death – and that’s just cracking the surface of Bradley’s hard but fascinating life. A documentary is even being released in a week about Bradley’s life called Charles Bradley: Soul of America, set to release on the EPIX channel April 10th. Bradley was discovered by Daptones producers Tom Brenneck and Gabriel Roth, and released his debut, No Time for Dreaming, an absolute gem of a soul album that delivered Bradley’s life story with heart, soul, and pitch-perfect production. Now comes Bradley’s followup, Victim of Love, which finds Bradley moving forward beyond his painful story and moving forward musically.
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