The xx: “Angels” Song Review

The xx

the xx angels cover album art single
I haven’t had quite enough time to immerse myself in an album to review for this week, so I thought I might write a little bit about the lead single off of The xx’s upcoming album Coexist.  I would also like to discuss how this lead single is shaping my expectations for the upcoming album, which is slated to come out in early September.  Check out the video and my thoughts after the jump.

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LxListening: Road Trippin’

Last night I completed my seventh cross-country road trip in 7 years. For one reason or another, a road trip from Indiana to California (or vice versa) has been necessary for me quite frequently in recent years. Sometimes it’s to accompany a friend, sometimes for fun, and sometimes it’s simply necessary to get myself to-and-fro. This time it was the latter, and since my schedule had changed dramatically at the last minute, I had no one to ride with me. So I packed up and shipped out on the 36-hour journey solo-style. The solo trip actually turned out to be much more fun than expected. I definitely had some hang-ups along the way, but I also got to make numerous stops to see good friends (LxL’s own Austin included) and also had plenty of time to listen to some good music. In some cases, I managed to wipe out multiple bands complete discographies. Below are some of my favorites from this road trips playlist selection. Also, I’d like to apologize in advance if the title causes some confusion, but I unfortunately will not be talking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers in this article … sorry.
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