The 10 Best My Morning Jacket Songs



We at LxL have all been long-time fanboys of My Morning Jacket. They are up there with all three of our most-seen live acts, and we have traveled the country to see them in many different venues, and even solo members in different projects. From the red rocks of Denver, to their hometown of Louisville, to the allies and stadiums alike of New York. Hell, we have gone coast-to-coast, Florida to California to see these boys play, and not once have they disappointed. To this day, one of my favorite concerts I have ever seen was 3+ hour set in the latest hours of Bonnaroo, back in 2006. Nearly a decade after the release of their most polished, and arguably finest efforts (Z), they have released their 7th studio album, The Waterfall. So now we salute one of our all-time faves, about the only way we know how. Here are our top ten favorite MMJ tracks:

10. “Victory Dance”

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10 Best TV On the Radio Songs


TV-On-The-Radio, best songs

TV On the Radio is one of our most beloved bands here at LxL, and they just released their fifth studio album which we reviewed here yesterday. With that, comes “the list treatment”. TVOTR has been a staple of independent music for over a decade now. In that time they have released arguably two of the greatest rock albums of all time (Return to Cookie Mountain, Dear Science). A song from each album (and an EP) aside from 9 Types of Light (which I personally love, but is not loved by many) has made it onto this list. Which really shows the strength of their entire catalog in our eyes. After the sad and early departure of their former bassist Gerard Smith (pictured above smiling brightly in the middle), they have found themselves transforming and adapting into new territories, but never sacrificing quality. Wes wrote more on their new album yesterday which you can find here, and if you are into a bit more reading on the band, NPR wrote another magnificent perspective on them and their new album which you can find here. And if you are still interested in reading more, here is our list:
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Top Ten Thursday: Malicious Metallica Monstrosities

In honor of Metallica seeming slightly relevant for a half second, due to their recent monstrosity of a collaboration with Lou Reed, we at LxL decided to put together our most beloved, most intense, most steroid induced, and clearly our most serious top ten list to date … the best-of-the-best, Metallica tracks. Enjoy!

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