Retro Review: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx’s We’re New Here

pop3_1829925bWhile I’m still sinking my teeth into In Colour, the latest release from Jamie xx, English producer-extraordinaire and namesake to the bedroom pop duo the xx, I thought I would revisit and hopefully bring people who aren’t familiar to the 2011 remix classic We’re New Here

Now I’ve never been huge on remixes or remix culture, this is an undeniably unique and interesting album. Jamie xx took spoken-word legend Gil Scott-Heron’s late career gem, I’m New Here, and remixed it for the dance club. It’s incredibly, soulful, unique, and song-for-song irresistible. Scott-Heron’s gruff, soulful voice works as the perfect counterpoint to Jamie xx’s bouncing, colorful rhythms. It’s electronic dance music with the feverish case of the blues.

To check it out, just use your streaming service of choice or just be bold and buy it on iTunes, Amazon or vinyl. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


The 10 Best Winter Songs

Top 10 Best Winter Songs

Not sure where your neck of the woods is, but where I am (the Chicago area), it got mighty frigid this week. So in honor of our prickly cold weather, we give you the best songs for this time of year, our favorite winter songs. In evaluating these songs, much like how we evaluated  our top ten albums of winter last year, we tried to find the ten songs that best encapsulate the look, feel, and sound of the season; not just our ten favorite songs that just so happened to mention winter. So without further ado, the ten best songs for this frisky weather.

Editor’s note: This post originally published in 2013.
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The 10 Best Winter Albums


Wes as a wee cub


We at LxL are men for all seasons, and winter is no exception.  As three people grown up and still suffering through the Midwestern cold, we get the meaning of winter.  So we know you need a little musical help to get you through the harsh cold. Here are our top ten albums of winter. Enjoy.

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The Naked And Famous Review: In Rolling Waves

The Naked and Famous

In Rolling Waves

the naked and famous, in rolling waves, album, cover, art

I was familiar with one track (first heard on the underrated popcorn series Suits) from The Naked and Famous before delving into their second proper release, In Rolling Waves.  Based on that one track, “The Sun”, I kind of pegged The Naked and Famous as a less lo-fi ripoff of The xx.  There is the girl/boy vocalists interplay.  There is also the electronic foundation to the music.  But, I have to put aside the notion of The Naked and Famous as simply an opportunistic band following in the success of better acts.  With In Rolling Waves, The Naked and Famous aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they are proving to be accomplished artists who can produce an awfully slick album.  There is more than enough for their particular brand of electronic pop rock in this genre that is getting more and more crowded.
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Rhye Review: Woman



Rhye Woman album cover art

In general, I’m not much for easy listening music. I believe it should stay in elevators, dentist’s office, and in your worst enemy’s dreams, but occasionally someone does this deservedly slighted genre right. Thus is the case with Rhye, a collaboration project from two well-respected producers in Canada’s Mike Milosh and Europe’s Canada aka Denmark’s Robin Hannibal. Both are known for a smooth, lovemaking brand of electronic music, so this project actually makes perfect sense. With Woman, the two producers form an intoxicatingly irresistible mix of easy listening R&B that keeps you engaged start to finish and will guide you when you turn the lights down low.
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