M83 Show Review

M83 Show Review

St. Louis, MO:  The Pageant

May 2, 2012

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Much like Todd’s experience at Coachella, it is always difficult to extricate my personal experience from how good the actual show was, and review it appropriately.  Throw in a few drinks and some good friends, and any situation can be an absolute pleasure.  But a show review is not about how much fun I had, instead it has to be about how well the band performed, and I regret to say that M83 was supremely disappointing in some aspects and mildly disappointing in other aspects.

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The Head & the Heart Show Review: Kind Of

The Head and the Heart Show Review

March 25, 2012

The Pageant:  St. Louis, MO

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I’m trying to remember the last time a true opening band so utterly blew me out of the water, like Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives did when opening for The Head and the Heart.  I think the last time that the main act was so completely outshined in my eyes was when I saw Howie Day, and he was overshadowed by a little unknown named Missy Higgins.  As embarrassing as it may seem now to have chosen to go to a Howie Day show, his early work was solid and contained some cool use of looping.  Disappointingly, he almost completely forsook looping for the live show, his set really sucked except for “Ghost”, and Todd accidentally hit on a 15-year old that was there with her dad (honest mistake, and we were only 18 or 19 when we went to this show – still embarrassing). 

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