Shit the Cow Review: volume/cow EP

Shit the Cow
volume/cow EP

volume/cow EP by Shit the Cow

In the almost year and a half now that my fellow LxL’ers and I have been writing this blog, we have had our fair share of spam mail from bands across the world asking for a plug here and there. Most of the time it is a generic blurb about how they love our blog and would appreciate a little promotion, even though it is clearly a mindless email that had been sent out to any and every music website that the bands promoter had come across. Further more, after attempting to listen to the first few bands that were sending us these emails, I quickly realized why they were turning to a small blog for promotion, and that’s because nobody else could bare to listen to them. Well uponst receiving one of these random emails last week, something caught my eye. At first it was the senders name: Shit Cow. We had just received a message from Shit Cow. “Interesting,” I thought while pondering how this could not become anything but more interesting. Then the subject: New Swedish Rock! Again, something told me I HAD to dig further. I am not particularly familiar with Swedish rock music (other than The Cardigans of course), and I figured that was a problem. Especially if Swedish rockers are naming their bands things like Shit Cow. Well after opening the email I quickly realized the bands name was not simply Shit Cow, but rather Shit the Cow. And as if that didn’t make the band more enticing enough, this is how they described themselves in their email:

“We come from Kiss’ disco days, Queens of the Stone Age’s first album and early PJ Harvey. But first and foremost we try to sound like the rusty old evil truck from Steven Spielberg’s 1971 Duel.”

It was at that moment I decided that yes indeed, I will certainly be giving Shit the Cow the good ole’ college try. The music comparison alone was enough to peak my interest, but the fact that they had even heard of the pre-Jaws 1971 made-for-TV Spielberg masterpiece Duel appropriately “pushed me over the edge”.

^Spielberg should have retired after this, just so War Horse was never made.
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