Divine Fits Review

Divine Fits

A Thing Called Divine Fits

Spoon and Wolf Parade supergroup Divine Fits album cover art

Supergroups can often by surprisingly disappointing affairs, with the sum of their parts rarely if ever equaling their whole (only happening maybe twice with Cream and CSNY). We recently explored the best supergroups with our recent Top Ten Thursday list, and found that great super groups are truly in short supply.  The ones that seemingly work the best is when there is one clear alpha dog (i.e. Jack White’s projects, A Perfect Circle, Wild Flag) or if each of the musicians have a history of collaborating (i.e. Eric Clapton’s projects, CSNY, Monsters of Folk). Divine Fits, the latest indie supergroup trio consisting of Britt Daniel of Spoon, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks, somewhat fits the alpha dog category with Britt Daniel of Spoon, but as seen on their debut, A Thing Called Divine Fits, Boeckner and Daniel pretty equally split lead duties for what is a tight well-produced 40 minute hybrid of new wave and rock ‘n’ roll; something both Spoon and Wolf Parade have explored masterfully.
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LxListening: Spoon-fed

best Spoon songs

In the past, we have used these Friday playlists to highlight artists we love (the Beatles, Wu Tang Clan, Frank Ocean), and this week once again falls into that category. In getting an early First Listen of Britt Daniel of Spoon’s new side project Divine Fits (with Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks), it caused me to want to go back and immerse myself in Spoon’s catalogue, which is by all means consistently great for seven albums. I don’t think it can be overstated how difficult it is to make smart, well-crafted pop songs the way Britt Daniel has done consistently. Of course, this couldn’t be done without his tremendously capably band most notably with drummer/producer Jim Eno laying the base work for everything. So without further ado, lay back and get Spoon-fed.
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Lollapalooza Sunday Recap

Lollapalooza Day Three Recap

It’s been five years since my last Lollapalooza, and this is not due to strength of lineup. Lollapalooza pretty consistently churns out jam-packed lineups and is also an amazing setting for a festival, standing in beautiful Grant Park sandwiched between Lake Michigan and the skyline in the heart of downtown. What has kept me away is primarily two things: moolah and the festival schedule. Money is pretty self-explanatory but Lollapalooza’s schedule is not. The festival jams so much music in a 10 hour span that it leads to shortened sets and tons of scheduling conflicts. Even in the headlining time slot, Lollapalooza packs four different acts instead of the usual one or two at other festivals.
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Polica Review: Give You the Ghost


Give You The Ghost

Polica debut album cover art

Minneapolis four piece Polica got a good bit of publicity when Grammy Best New Artist winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that Polica was “the best band I’ve ever heard.” Sure, Vernon is a little biased considering he was in the band Gayngs with lead woman Channy Leneagh and album producer Ryan Olson and Polica tauts a heavy use of auto-tune (something Vernon himself is obsessed with), but nevertheless, the comment warrants giving the band a listen. Polica’s debut, Give You The Ghost, showcases a band not quite deserving of Vernon’s comments but still no doubt a promising new band with its own unique, lingering sound.
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Wilco Review Royale: The Whole Love

The Whole Love

Over the years I have made an affirmative effort to try to get into certain bands or albums that my friends have raved about.  These efforts have been met with varying degrees of success.  While inorganically force-feeding myself a certain album or band is not the ideal way to begin to enjoy a band, I have learned that it sometimes leads to rewarding results.  Due to my efforts, I fell in love with early Kings of Leon (which has led to crippling disappointment in their more recent work). I also have been able to enjoy a fair amount of Radiohead (when Thom Yorke’s voice is not sodomizing a track).
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