The Book of Mormon Show Review

The Book of Mormon


Bank of America Theater

Chicago, IL

The Book of Mormon Chicago Show Review

It’s been a rough couple years for Mormonism. There was the tough defeat that Romney suffered in the Presidential election, the almost incomprehensible hoax that devout Mormon/star linebacker Manti Te’o fell for with his fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua, but probably most damaging, is the ongoing production of The Book of Mormon, a musical that quite frankly rips the religion a new one even if the musical has been promoted as strangely uplifting.
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Weak List Wednesday: Top 5 Television Programs of 2012


2012 was a great year in television.  Unfortunately, that means the shows we are used to being great stayed great for the most part, without much new blood being thrown into the mix.  In fact, only one new show cracked our eight selections below (the top 5 plus each of our “just missed”).  New shows like The Newsroom on HBO, and NBC’s big-budget post-apocalyptic program Revolution were summarily awful (not that I expected too much out of Revolution, but come on, JJ Abrams has to have another hit in him at some point).  ABC’s Last Resort showed quite a bit of promise, with an intriguing premise and solid cast, but no one cared enough to tune in, so it already got the axe.  And the new sitcoms, my god the new sitcoms.  They were all awful.  So, back to the established shows to scratch our TV itch.  Enjoy, and as always, let us know what we missed, forgot, or even if you agree.

5.  Parks & Recreation


Leslie Knope & Co. just keep the train rolling during the fourth and fifth seasons, after really hitting hitting its stride during season three.  The ensemble cast, anchored by Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, and Rob Lowe has now been a cohesive unit for three seasons, making every interplay between the characters all the funnier.  Hopefully, people keep watching at a high enough level to keep this rare network gem on the air.
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LxListening: Into the Wild

Into the Wild road trip playlist

The wife and I are embarking on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest for a wedding, making stops in 5 cities I haven’t visited yet: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Denver. So I figured 5 cities/5 songs sounds like a perfect match for a LxListening 5 song playlist. So here are 5 songs for our road trip with an artist from each city we are visiting. In prepping for this trip, I told my wife our trip would be something like the epic journey in Into the Wild minus the poison berries at the end plus a few extra supplies.
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Mumford & Sons Review: Babel

Mumford & Sons


Mumford & Sons, Babel Cover Art, album cover

So I listened to Mumford & Sons’ new album Babel last night. Then I put their first album on just to verify my initial analysis which is that they are extremely similar, only to find I was wrong. They are not only extremely similar, they are the exact same album. I know the fans out there will not heed this warning, but trust me on this, if you’ve heard the first album, you’ve heard the second as well. Almost track for track, you could break this album down into twelve songs filled with a clutter of quickly strummed and openly-tuned guitars, banjos, and a thumping kick drum that sound exactly like the last twelve songs filled with quickly strummed and openly-tuned guitars, banjos, and a thumping kick drum of the last album. If you think that last sentence was redundant you should listen to Babel. Or watch The Hangover 2. Or watch any two Michael Bay movies.
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Weak List Wednesday: Top 5 TV Shows of 2011

I think I like my programs a little more than Wes and Todd, so it is fitting that I should write this up. It was a pretty good year in television overall, but there were some disappointments. True Blood followed 10 different storylines at the same time and couldn’t keep it all together. Dexter fell apart in the second half. Walking Dead trashed an opportunity with a lackluster second season. And Californication started to jump off the rails in a really bad way. But all in all, I can’t complain. Here ya go.

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Wilco Review Royale: The Whole Love

The Whole Love

Over the years I have made an affirmative effort to try to get into certain bands or albums that my friends have raved about.  These efforts have been met with varying degrees of success.  While inorganically force-feeding myself a certain album or band is not the ideal way to begin to enjoy a band, I have learned that it sometimes leads to rewarding results.  Due to my efforts, I fell in love with early Kings of Leon (which has led to crippling disappointment in their more recent work). I also have been able to enjoy a fair amount of Radiohead (when Thom Yorke’s voice is not sodomizing a track).
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