Annual Music Podcast Power Rankings


I last visited the world of music podcasts in 2013 when, admittedly, I had a much harder time coming up with five music-related podcasts worth listening to. Since Serial came out and seriously raised awareness of podcasts, there has been a tremendous increase in podcasts in general. So much like TV, there is now the problem that there are not enough hours in the day to listen to good, worthwhile podcasts. So here are the best five music podcasts that I would wholeheartedly recommend.
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Tweedy Show Review

Tweedy (with Sound Opinions Live)

July 17th, 2014

Lincoln Hall

Chicago, IL

Jeff and Spencer Tweedy Show Review

As the resident (and only) Wilco fan on this blog, I feel it’s my civic duty to bring you the Tweedy beat. What better way to do that than coverage of Jeff Tweedy (frontman of Wilco) and Spencer Tweedy ‘s (Jeff’s 18 year old son and drummer) interview and performance last night. The show was for Sound Opinions – one of the best radio shows/podcasts around – and took place at Lincoln Hall, certainly one of Chicago’s finest music establishments. Sound Opinions put on this event the day before the Pitchfork Music Festival last year with Savages and Parquet Courts (a one-two punch if there ever was one), and this year’s show was no slouch itself.
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LxListening: Music Pods

Best Music Podcasts

Having recently attended a live taping of the wonderful Chicago-based music podcast Sound Opinions, I thought it might be a good idea to use my Friday playlist slot to tout some music podcasts, since podcasting really helps fill out my week. I will say considering podcasts are a listening medium, there are nowhere near as many great music podcasts as comedy (which Austin gave a list of last year), news, and other categories, but alas, I still have five great ones for this list. Also there are several great podcasts that talk about music as well as other pop culture, but I decided to stick with 5 straight up music podcasts.
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Parquet Courts and Savages Show Review

Parquet Courts and Savages

Sound Opinions Live

July 18th, 2013

Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL

parquet-courtsSavages Sound Opinions Live Review

My two favorite new bands this year (London’s all-female Savages and Brooklyn Americana punks Parquet Courts) came together for a free live taping of my favorite music podcast, Sound Opinions (sorry All Songs Considered), for a night of interviews and live performances at one of my favorite Chicago venues, Lincoln Hall. As you can tell, a lot of favorites, so expectations were high, but the night definitely didn’t disappoint.  Not only was it cool to see both bands for the first time, but it was cool to see them do an interview right beforehand, as both interviews shed some light on why each band makes the music they do.
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Parquet Courts Review: Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts Light Up Gold Review

If you are looking for a sloppy thrill ride this summer, look no further than the debut from former Texans (now Brooklynites) Parquet Courts. The band brings nothing particularly new to the scene but rather echoes punk and indie rockers from the past, drawing influence from the Modern Lovers, Pavement, The Ramones, Television, and Frank Zappa in the most glowing ways. On their rousing debut Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts packs 15 songs in just 34 minutes vying for the prize of most killer rock album of 2013.
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