2013: The Year Dance Music Became King

2013: The Year Dance Became King

It’s been a steady shift over the past few years, but I believe 2013 was finally the year dance music (more specifically of the electronic persuasion) took the throne from hip hop as the most dominant genre in music today. There were multiple signifiers to me throughout the year that this shift has finally occurred, and below I will lay out the four biggest signs the robots have finally taken over.
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Zomby Review: With Love


With Love

Zomby With Love album cover art

It’s not often an artist releases an epic double album, and it goes seemingly completely under the radar, but by all means that’s what seemed to happen to mysterious dubstep artist Zomby’s With Love. This is his third proper album, though he has had an endless amount of mixtapes, EPs, remixes, and other collections. The British producer brings a good name to dubstep, a genre that has very much been corrupted and altered in the last few years. Rather than screw, distort, and crank to 11 like the Skrillex disciples, Zomby keeps it bass-driven and mesmerizing, cold yet deeply soulful. His latest, With Love is an absolute epic and swirling trip to get lost in deep into the night.
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CounterPoint Music Festival Review: Sex, Drugs, & EDM


This is Austin writing, and I posted this review under my name to maintain anonymity of the author of this review.  I want to thank (redacted) for taking the time to write up CounterPoint Music Festival so thoroughly.  I will also say that the text messages exchanged between (redacted) and myself over the course of this weekend will forever bring a smile to my face.  Unfortunately, many of the readers of this site know my friend and know he went to this festival, so absolute transparency is not the best policy.  After (redacted) sparkling review, I hope to attend next year and get my weird on as well.  And as a disclaimer, the title of this article was provided by me.  Enjoy.

*Note: Some parts redacted to maintain the character of the author.

When you throw together 20,000+ people, 350 acres of beautiful landscape, and 70+ musical acts, the majority of which being electronic, you get a big bucket of weird.   This is what I learned last weekend at the first ever CounterPoint Festival outside of Atlanta, GA.  I know the typical post on here isn’t electronic music related so I’ll just try to describe the setting and hit the high points of each day.

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