Arcade Fire Show Review Royale

Arcade Fire, Dan Deacon, and Devo

August 30th, 2014

United Center, Chicago, IL

LxL_ReviewRoyale_01Arcade Fire Show Review

Wes’s Thoughts:

Groupon is best known in the concert world for getting you discounted tickets on bad 90’s acts like Scott Stapp or 80’s hair bands like Poison, but for once, it paid off in the world of indie rock. Arcade Fire, the overly-ambitious suckers they are, put on two nights at United Center, where the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks play which seats over 20,000, and since the band isn’t quite on that level, we landed Groupon tickets (and pretty good seats at that) for just $22. We’ve made our lack of love for Arcade Fire known over the years, but for $22, you get to at least see Funeral songs and Dan Deacon and Devo (who we love), so you can’t miss.
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Deep Sea Diver & Hey Marseilles Show Review

Deep Sea Diver/Hey Marseilles
Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR … duh! (eye roll)

Deep Sea Diver, Hey Marseilles, live, tour, aladdin, portland

So today I went through my hard drive in an attempt to switch up my
iPod. Good lord, I now have to rethink my entire high school years and
the decisions I made. Some of that “music” is terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible.
Like really terrible. But, that is why you constantly check out new
music right? This time it was Deep Sea Diver, who is one of Ash
Ketchum’s favorite bands (I refuse to not call her this even though
she has no idea about the Pokemon reference).
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HOTT MT Show Review

The Echo
Los Angeles, CA
July 31, 2012

poster artwork for the hott mt show at the echo
Over the three years I have lived in Los Angeles, The Echo has become one of my favorite spots. Not only is it a good bar that pulls in on-point DJ’s weekly, but it is also a great concert venue that tends to pull in some pretty killer-diller shows as well. If you’re lucky, and as was the case last night, those shows are sometimes even free. Last night I met up with my good friend David at The Echo to see a band that is fronted by a good friend of his. The band was HOTT MT, otherwise known as Hour of the Time Majesty Twelve. If you don’t know of the band but this name somehow still looks familiar to you in anyway, it is probably because you are a Flaming Lips fan of sorts. Not only were they featured on the leading track of The Flaming Lips last album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, but The Flaming Lips frontman himself Wayne Coyne guest stars in one of HOTT MT’s songs as well.
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mr. Gnome Show Review

mr. Gnome Show Review

Plush – St. Louis, MO

April 11, 2011

 mr. gnome, warpaint

While driving to the mr. Gnome show, Wes, Todd, and I were having our weekly conference call to discuss the Top Ten list for the week, and just shoot the shit about music a little bit.  It was during this conversation that I would identify a complaint about the soon-to-be-seen mr. Gnome show:  It was weirdly uncomfortable to tell people that are not familiar with the band that I was spending my evening going to see a up-and-coming band called mr. Gnome.  I didn’t know very much about mr. Gnome myself; just that they are a duo consisting of male drummer Sam Meister and female guitarist/vocalist Nicole Barille and also that they were known to rock pretty hard in the live setting.
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