Rosanne Cash Review: The River & the Thread

Rosanne Cash

The River & the Thread

rosanne cash

Yet another posthumous Johnny Cash album is being released this week.  I considered reviewing this latest attempt to cash in on a great artist’s legacy with material that is probably lackluster, but I am in charge of writing the Top Ten list this week.  Having already begun writing on Johnny Cash’s top ten songs, it would have been tough for me to fairly review his latest album, especially considering my preconceived biases against posthumous albums.  Maybe Todd or Wes will pick up the slack and review Out Among the Stars, and if one of them does, we are going to have a very Cash-themed week.  I decided to give Johnny’s eldest daughter, Rosanne Cash, a little love for a fantastic little album she put out in January that I never got around to writing on.  Thus, begins the Week of Cash.
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