Unknown Mortal Orchestra Review: II

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Last week, Foxygen was the name of my game. This week, I have decided to review another sophomore album release from yet another independent low-fi psych-rock group. The main difference between the two is that Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s debut release was much more exceptional than Foxygen’s. However, the differences don’t quite end there. In fact, for two bands that share so many similar characteristics, they actually sound a great deal different. UMO didn’t reinvent themselves by any means for the follow-up to their still too often underrated self-titled debut. They did however take a slightly different approach to constructing the psychedelic sounds they so brilliantly fuse with poppy and even somewhat hip hop-esque beats. On this album, they slowed things down just a bit while maintaining the occasional upbeat, fun-fest edge that drew everyone in the first time around. The result is an extremely balanced and lovable album; one you just want to plug-in, play, and cruise around to on a slow, sunny drive to anywhere. Or even appropriately play in the background at a party. Or really just anytime you’re in the mood to chill out. In essence,this album is a multi-purpose guide to fun and relaxation.
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The Walkmen Review: Heaven

The Walkmen


Album cover art for the new Walkmen album, Heaven

Despite being consistently solid for an entire decade, New York’s five-some The Walkmen have still found themselves swimming a bit under the radar in comparison to their indie rock contemporaries like Spoon, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, and the Strokes.  Maybe The Walkmen lack the flair and flash of their counterparts, but it’s difficult to deny the strength of their music, which maybe even hit its peak with their last release, Lisbon. Now comes another striking release in Heaven, which stands as their prettiest and most uplifting album to date.
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The Black Keys Review: El Camino es Muy Bueno

The Black Keys
El Camino

Not Pictured: El Camino

First off, I would like to apologize for the delay. This review was supposed to surface yesterday, but do to a hectic work schedule recently, it was not possible. When I finally began writing the review, I was so eager to talk about The Black Keys, that I wrote 700 words without even breaking into a single point about the new album. So I decided to split it up and write a Thoughts @ Work piece as well, that will be posted later today.
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