LxListening: One Helluva Week

A week ago yeserday, I went into work thinking it was going to be a normal day. It was for a company that I have done a lot of freelance work for, and it seemed like the run-of-the-mill, somewhat-routine pre-production day that they had called me in for. They were doing a shoot for Motorola, and they needed some hands preparing for it. Well sometime shortly after lunch that day, I was informed that I had just been hired on to travel with them to finish out the shoot and that I’d be leaving the next day. So I hurried home, packed a bag, and was off the next day. First stop was San Francisco, then to (Hot)lanta, then to Phoenix, then back to LA. Due to the short notice of the scheduling, we had to produce each shoot the day before it took place. This led to extremely long work days, very little sleep, lots of moving around, heavy stress, and tons of music. Overall, it was one of the better weeks of my life, especially in terms of work and/or my “professional” career. In some ways however, it was all I could do to just maintain my sanity. This is how it went down from my playlists perspective:
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