The 10 Best Jock Jams


With the first NFL game tonight, we thought we would kick things off with our top ten jock jams, our favorite songs for sporting events. While many music fans tend to be a bit mum on sports, not so with LxL. All three of us enjoy sportball on some level. So here are 10 of our favorite songs that get us amped up for the big game.
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Top Ten Thursday: Hook Singers That Are Off The Hook

hook, singing, captain

In full disclosure, this list is a bit of a joke. Not that we don’t take hook-singing artists seriously around here, because we certainly all three love hookers. However, there doesn’t seem to be very many of them, especially ones worth noting. At least specific artists that have made themselves known as hook singers that is. Most of these artists have even since become much larger solo artists to boot. Sure there are instances in which an artist sings one hook on a song and maybe a verse, but we feel that doesn’t officially qualify them as an actual hook singer. We decided that in order to qualify for this list, the artist in question must have been featured on multiple songs by multiple artists as a hook singer. So here you have it, hook singers that are simply put, off the hook. Also, I apologize in advance for all the cheesy puns in this one.

10. Alicia Keys
alicia keys, hot
From Drake to 50 Cent to Jay-Z, Alicia is highly sought after by the money-making types to have her hook for them. Maybe this has to do with her mass appeal to anyone with a pair of ears and/or eyes. An incredibly powerful voice is just what the producer ordered for hooks like her booming performance in “Empire State of Mind”. Speaking of which …
Key Hook Track:

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Nicki Minaj Review: Unique Doesn’t Always Mean Good

Nicki Minaj

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

 nicki minaj, roman reloaded, pink friday, cover, album, art

I think most people would agree that while Pink Friday was a supreme disappointment, bordering on unmitigated disaster.  Featuring a wide array of terrible samples and unnecessary guest spots, Nicki’s debut was bland by her frenetic standards.  Not only was Pink Friday bland, it also revealed her greatest flaw as an artist: self-awareness.  I believe this flaw is why Nicki has shined more on tracks with other established artists than on tracks where she is the focal point (Kanye’s “Monster”, Lil’ Wayne’s “What’s Wrong With Them”, Young Money’s “F*** da Bullsh**”).  And in fact the one track from Pink Friday that spoke to her potential was “Roman’s Revenge”, which had the creative imprint of Eminem all over it. 

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Top Ten Thursday: Jockin’ Jams

Well, it is mid-to-late March, which for a lot of people is quite maddening. By this of course I mean that it is the time of year to celebrate college basketball. And whether or not you care about basketball, or even sports in general, March Madness will affect your life in one way or another. Maybe it’s picking up the slack of the co-worker watching games on his computer all day, or maybe you skipped a few classes at school to catch the games and missed a pop quiz, or maybe you haven’t watched anything on television in 3 weeks other than college basketball due to your roommates obsession. Some how, whether you watch the games, or you don’t, it will affect your life. So here at LxL, we decided to celebrate by listing our favorite songs that have made their mark in the sport world. Whether it’s the college basketball court, the football field (American or European), or maybe the karate ring … here are the songs that will jam your jock:
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A$AP Rocky Review: This Sh*t Cray

A$AP Rocky Review


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This may be the only time I ever review a mixtape.  Some hip-hop artists are so prolific with the amount of mixtapes they release (e.g., Gucci Mane), it is often hard to keep up.  So, I often just stick to studio releases, and the occasional mixtape that gets a lot of good publicity.  Well, I can’t recall a mixtape that has gotten as much hype as A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP, and the alleged 3 million dollar deal he received from RCA/Sony.  I was skeptical of the hype Rocky has been receiving, but let me tell you that this self-proclaimed “pretty motherf****r” has delivered not just the best mixtape of the year, but possibly the best hip-hop album in general.

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