LxListening: Listening Back, For the Future

"Your kids are gonna love it!"

Now that 2012 is in full force, it’s time to put a rest to all our 2011 themes and focus on the future. A lot of bands are lining up for their sophomore efforts this year, some new acts are already getting high praises before their debut has even launched, and some old favorites will hopefully be reappearing for the first time in years to show us what they still got. In any case, and in lieu of being sick and tired of 2011 music for the moment, I revisited the last efforts of some bands recently, that I am looking forward to hearing more of in the upcoming new year. So here is my what I’ve been listening to as of late, in an attempt to arouse my appetite for these music acts once again. Hopefully it does the same for you.
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Pixies Sold Out! … Right?

Warning: The following is long, boring, and may not make a tremendous amount of sense. This is the nonsensical rantings of myself, a fellow music lover frustrated with people’s expectations and accusations of modern day musicians and how fans seem to think their bands “sell out”.

The death of musical integrity?

As a band, changing the style of your music can sometimes a double edged sword. In the eyes of your fans, or future fans, you either become a genius for innovating, and taking your music in a brilliant new direction, or you “sold out” and are no longer the same you once were. A lot of bands that begin as small independent acts and soon thereafter find themselves on billboard charts and headline marquees tend to loose there luster after the album that helped launch their newfound stardom. I mean this in terms of music quality sometimes, but mostly and in the numbers of their original fan base. Generally this is because said band decides to sign with a “bigger” label. From there, producers and executives that now essentially own that band step in and begin turning the bands music into a product to sell. Something that will be much more accessible and listener friendly to most of the public, and will help gain a much larger audience that they couldn’t possibly achieve on their own. Musicians either straight up want this, suck it up and do it for the money/fame, or don’t sign and stay on the lower tiers of labels as well as the lower tier of “popular” musicians.
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LxListening: 80’s or Bust

For some reason I have been stuck in this 80’s music vibe lately. It is hard not to be, because it has been heavily trending in music right now, and seems to be popping up everywhere. It probably also has to do with the fact that I recently saw the movie Drive, which was extremely awesome, and had this soundtrack that was equally as awesome, and super 80’s. Every track below, is a track that I tend to sing the very loud and get real weird with while in the my car by myself lately. Some are also tracks that have just helped me think about the issues in my life that have been keeping me awake as of recent. They can serve purposes of many layers, but most of all, they are brilliant songs that I have been jamming the hell out of at every opportunity the past few weeks.

^Pudding cups be rad yo!

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