Matthew E White Review: Outer Face EP

Matthew E. White

Outer Face

Matthew E White Outer Face EP Album Cover Art

Late last year, Virginia newcomer Matthew E. White came along with his 7-song, 40-minute debut Big Inner and swept us off our feet. The deep-voiced bearded crooner borrows the sounds of 70’s Stax Soul and the folksy charm of Randy Newman mixed with the fragile spirit of Harry Nilsson to make a sound all his own. A year later, White releases the Outer Face EP, a 5 song EP that still comes in at 27 minutes (not far off the length of his debut) for another sweeping and intimate outing of psychedelic soul.
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Matthew E. White Review: Big Inner

Matthew E. White

Big Inner

Matthew E. White Big Inner album cover art

Every year, in late December or early January, I find a debut album that slipped past me until it’s too late in the year to be included in my year-end top ten list. It’s amazing how every year it’s been a near certainty that this happens. In 2009, it was Antlers’ Hospice, in 2010, it was Lower Dens’ Twin Hand Movement, last year it was Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s self-titled debut, and finally, this year it is Matthew E. White’s sweet and soulful Big Inner.
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LxListening: In Memory of Director Tony Scott

In Memory Of Tony Scott died by committing suicide jumped off bridge

For this weeks installment of LxListening, I decided to pay tribute to the recent passing of director Tony Scott. For one reason or another, Tony decided to take his own life by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge that connects Long Beach to San Pedro, a bridge I used to frequently cross while living in Long Beach. As an outsider or a loved one of the person, suicide is a hard thing to comprehend, and an even harder thing to cope with. I can’t imagine what his family is going through. Tony was younger brother to Ridley Scott, another great British/Hollywood icon. The two have both been renowned directors for many years now, and although they have had their downs, they have both had quite the ups as well. Although Tony never had any monster critically acclaimed successes, he was a very unique and stylized director. He was very technically good in many ways and every once in a while he would show up with some very interesting ways to use music in his films. Below our my five favorite highlights in which he used music. I’ve never claimed Tony as a favorite director of mine, but while going through is IMDb page I must say, he has made a few films that have had a larger impact on me than I truly realize. Dedicated to a good director whose name will always be remembered in film, here are some wonderful music moments directed by the late Tony Scott. And no, they aren’t all from the movie Top Gun … although they very well should be.
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