Tune Test Tuesday: Album Covers

album cover quiz

A few Thursdays back we posted our top ten favorite album covers. As this was a fun list to do, I thought it would also be fun to incorporate a quiz to go along with it. Albeit a little late, I give you our first album cover quiz. As per usual, we know it’s easy to find answers to these questions with the interwebs already at the tips of your finger tips, but in the words of the infamous Ron Dubach (if you don’t know who that is I am sorry … for you, not for the reference) “Cheaters stink like skunks!” Onto the quiz:
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Are You Daft?!: The Quiz

daft punk, quiz

Do you think you know Daft Punk? You think you have what it takes to fit in with The Robots? … Bro, do you even Daft?! Let’s find out, shall we?

In honor of the brilliant new Daft Punk single, we bring you our first of many LxL quizzes. For those of you that think you know the band, let’s see how well you know them when the heat is on. Obviously we have no way to keep everyone honest due to the nature of the inter-webs, but let’s all play fair, and not look up any answers. Feel free to post your scores below. Robot posers will soon be exposed!

Daft Punk, quiz, Stormtroopers
These were not the androids they were looking for …

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