MGMT Review Royale: MGMT


MGMT, album cover art

Wes’s Thoughts

We talked last week about our hatred for the dreaded mid-career self-titled reinvention album, and while MGMT’s latest fits the description, it does for a very different reason than most bands. While many bands try  to set the stage for a major label debut or try to reinvent themselves after a misstep usually going for a more commercial sound, the Brooklyn duo finds itself actually trying to brush off their commercial fame from their smash debut Oracular Spectacular and go for the sound they love: psychedelic, experimental rock reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. While I always commend a band for doing what they want rather than falling the whims of their audience, you need to at least be able to do what you want well, which MGMT fails miserably at.
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Review: II

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Last week, Foxygen was the name of my game. This week, I have decided to review another sophomore album release from yet another independent low-fi psych-rock group. The main difference between the two is that Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s debut release was much more exceptional than Foxygen’s. However, the differences don’t quite end there. In fact, for two bands that share so many similar characteristics, they actually sound a great deal different. UMO didn’t reinvent themselves by any means for the follow-up to their still too often underrated self-titled debut. They did however take a slightly different approach to constructing the psychedelic sounds they so brilliantly fuse with poppy and even somewhat hip hop-esque beats. On this album, they slowed things down just a bit while maintaining the occasional upbeat, fun-fest edge that drew everyone in the first time around. The result is an extremely balanced and lovable album; one you just want to plug-in, play, and cruise around to on a slow, sunny drive to anywhere. Or even appropriately play in the background at a party. Or really just anytime you’re in the mood to chill out. In essence,this album is a multi-purpose guide to fun and relaxation.
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Review

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Yes, I may be almost a year late, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the bus completely. These new indie rockers who hail from Portlandia released a very under-appreciated album last year, and it’s about time we at LxL gave them some “cred”. Had I heard this album last year, it definitely would have been at least discussed to make one of the end of the year lists. However, since I am just recently discovering the band and album, a year after the fact, I feel compelled to talk it up.
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