LxListening: Punks These Days

Punks Not Dead, punk no dead

Some think that punk music is dead, but I tend to disagree. Post punk, garage-punk, grunge-punk, pop-punk, noise-punk; whatever you want to call it, the roots are still the same. Recently I’ve noticed a surge of great punk-rooted music popping up, and I love it. I’ve also noticed punk taking on some different forms lately. Some fuse other genres, some stick with straight bar chords and screaming, and some go the Clash route where they combine punk sounds with intellectual thought and social rebellion. Whatever your flavor, here are some of my favorite punk-ish tracks that have been on heavy rotation for me as of lately:
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LxListening: As Lo As Fi Can Go

If you haven’t deduced by the title, I have been listening to a lot of shi**y sounding garage rock lately. Which incidentally, sounds far from shi**y, but rather incredibly pleasant to my ears. It began when the Screaming Females performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series. I keep going back to them, and it spun me right back into my frequent obsession with dirty, overly distorted, garage-rock-grunge-punk. The 5 songs I am going to list are actually fairly fun, poppy, upbeat songs for each artist. So let loose and enjoy …
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