Best 30 Songs of 2013

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It is so hard too order songs in a coherent list.  For our list of the top thirty songs of the 2013, we took a little bit of a different tack than the last couple years.  We didn’t list 200-300 songs like previous years.  Instead, we all just submitted our individual lists of our favorite twenty songs of the year unordered.  Then we made sure we were all familiar with everyone’s lists, and started ordering from there.  This was a beautifully streamlined experience, taking a ton of precious time out of the way.

Even with this streamlined process, it is still difficult.  All three of us would likely rate each of these songs a perfect score, so often it is just an indescribable feeling causing us to rate one song ahead of another.  But as always, we do our best to incorporate the elements of composition, lyrics, and performance of each individual song into our ratings.  Let us know what some of your favorite songs of 2013 were, and thanks for reading.


30. “Byegone” – Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir didn’t reach the highs of Justin Vernon’s previous project with Bon Iver.  That doesn’t mean it was devoid of any value and “Byegone” continues to get us all excited for Vernon’s career, no matter who he is collaborating with.

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Lxlistening: Back in the Game…Kinda

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I have been ungodly amounts of busy/occupied pretty much since the new year.  Lots of work mixed in with intense bouts of play has made my attentiveness to what’s new in music quite low.  Well, it’s about time that changed.  I’ve made it my goal to catch up on everything I have missed, starting perhaps with maybe actually reading my co-writer’s posts from the past month and a half to see what’s good.  The process may just be beginning, but with a little work, I’m sure I’ll be up to speed in not time.  Here are a few newer nuggets that have struck me in the past week, and one old standard.  Enjoy.
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