The Darkness Review: Hot Cakes with a Side of Maple Awesome Sauce

The Darkness
Hot Cakes

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Oh shit! Did I miss the memo that The Darkness wasn’t awesome anymore? Because it seems I may have. Since when did gnarly coked-out glam rock with face melting guitar solos, outrageous Radiohead covers, and the only voice left in rock ‘n’ roll somewhat comparable to that of THE Freddie Mercury become uncool? I understand music trends in phases and two-chord (sometimes three, if necessary) metalesque glam-rock isn’t exactly trending right now. But are we not due for a revival of sorts? Clearly not everyone could handle the 2005 One Way Ticket to Hell … and Back follow up to the ceaseless perpetual party that was 2003’s Permission to Land after only two years of attempting to sober up from it. I admittedly couldn’t. Neither could the original bassist, Frankie Poullain. Hell, even lead singer Justin Hawkins had to check into rehab after spending £150,000 on cocaine in three years as a result of the pure unadulterated badassery of Permission to Land. But now we are all back, including Frankie and the fresh out of rehab Justin. So crank the volume up to 11, strap yourself in (as to be able to handle the G’s), and “eeeeeeeverybody have a good time!”
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Top Ten Thursday: The Sophomore Slump

The sophomore album.  There is almost always exponentially more anticipation and expectations for a band or artist’s second album.  We at LxL thought that those expectations would lead to a lot of massively disappointing second efforts.  Interestingly enough, after a lot of research, we were pleased to discover that the sophomore album failure rate is really not all that high.  Despite this welcome discovery, there were still enough clunkers to make a list of the most disappointing follow-up albums.  Note that this list does not contain the worst all-time sophomore albums, but instead the albums that did not live up to the expectations brought on by a great or promising debut.  As always, fill in the blanks with any albums we may have left off the list, or call us out for albums you think should not have been included.  Enjoy!

10. Raekwon – Immobilarity

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So your two best friends are RZA and Ghostface Killah, and you’ve just released your debut smash, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.  What should you do next?  I’ll tell you what you don’t do.  You don’t bypass one of the greatest hip-hop producers since the genre’s genesis (RZA).  You also don’t fail to utilize a rapper that fits snugly between Biggy and Jay-Z in the holy triumvirate of New York rappers (Ghostface).  Fail.

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