The 10 Best SNL Musical Performances


This weekend, Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th season with a big 3-hour anniversary special (strange enough on Sunday), featuring legendary cast members like Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and Will Ferrell in addition to famous hosts and musical acts like John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney and more. In its 40 years, Saturday Night Live has been the gold standard in comedy, but has also produced its fair share of legendary performances mirroring some of the most important moments in music history. From the birth of grunge to helping catapult Kanye into a megastar, Saturday Night Live has been home to some of the greatest live music performances. So here are our 10 favorite performances.
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Anna Calvi Review: One Breath

Anna Calvi

One Breath
Anna Calvi One Breath album cover art

There has been no shortage of bright new female artists in the last five years from across the musical spectrum, from the aerobatic R&B of Janelle Monae to the post-punk assault of Savages, women have dominated in this new millennium musical frontier. Singer/guitarist extraordinaire Anna Calvi, who has been championed by legendary producer/musician Brian Eno, is the latest in a long line of autonomous artists hailing from the motherland creating her own concoction of gloomy goth, smoky blues, sizzling flamenco, all topped off with Calviā€™s angelic yet treacherous voice. On her second album, One Breath, Calvi takes that step that you hope every artist promising artist to take on their second effort: a more confident and challenging creation for the listener.
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Top Ten Thursday: Brilliant Babes of Song (Our Favorite Female Singer-Songwriters)

Female Musician

There is nothing that turns me on more than a hot female musician, and in turn, there is nothing better than writing an entire article dedicated to these women of music. This list is partially in honor to the brilliant new efforts put forth by Fiona Apple, as well as inspiration from recently seeing acts such as Feist and St. Vincent, and topped off by the new Cat Power track that served as an announcement for her forthcoming album that will be released later in the year. This was one of our toughest lists we have compiled yet, and we all felt very strongly about the artists chosen. Unfortunately acts like St. Vincent, and Karen O were not able to be taken into consideration due to the fact that a majority of there compositions are collaborative efforts. Nonetheless, we feel very strongly that the ladies listed below are worthy of the praise they have received, and in some cases, worthy of more.
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