The 10 Best Johnny Cash Songs


johnny cash 2

Johnny Cash is 1/3 of the holy triumvirate of Pre-60’s vocalists for me.  Like the other two members (Elvis and Roy Orbison), Cash paired a one-of-a-kind voice with a progressive take on rock and roll.  In honor of Johnny Cash’s new posthumous album, Out Among the Stars, we of course had to do a list of the Top Ten Johnny Cash songs.  It was extremely hard to get this list down to ten, so our deepest apologies for leaving off anything you hold dear to your heart.  Feel free to remind us of what we missed.  Enjoy!

10. “Ring of Fire”

“Ring of Fire” has been played to death.  It appears in all sorts of thing; commercials, movies, everything. So we have a bit of a fatigue, but stepped back and still found a way to enjoy the horns, simple structure, and catchy refrain.

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