Not Fade Away: Movie Review

Not Fade Away

Directed by David Chase


Sopranos creator David Chase probably had the green light to make any film he wanted to with his film debut, and Chase made a surprising choice: a coming of age tale about the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. This seems like an odd choice at first glance until you think back on the Sopranos, which featured heavy usage of classic rock ‘n’ roll and even cast E-Street guitar legend Steven Van Zandt as Silvio. Van Zandt sits in as executive producer on Not Fade Away, which lends a little credence and authenticity to the rock tale, but the film still lands a little flat for coming from such an artistic giant.
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LxListening: Under the Covers

Woman, under covers

On “Codeine“, Jason Isbell sings “If there’s one thing I can’t stand, its this bar and this cover band”.  I’m not sure which he hates more; the bar or the cover band.  But in the right situation I love both of these things, and find reason to disagree with Mr. Isbell.  So, for today’s installment of LxListening I have decided to pick out 5 recent covers that deserve a little recognition.

What makes a good cover you ask me?  In my opinion, a good cover doesn’t try to reenact or mimic the original song, instead trying to take a new musical angle.  This can be anything from completely changing the arrangement, to changing the style of the music, to changing the pace.  Sometimes, a cover may be so ironic (as you’ll see below) because of who is singing it that it deserves a little attention.  Either way, check out a few of these gems below and decide for yourself whether you think there is any added value to these cover songs.  Enjoy.
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