Beach House Review: Depression Cherry

Beach House

Depression Cherry


There are very few artists I come back to more than Beach House. Like other veteran indie artists the National and Spoon, the Baltimore duo’s output is so consistently great and essentially timeless in nature that its perfect to return to when the mood strikes.
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The 10 Best Irish Acts


Best Irish Musicians

Editor’s Note: Thanks to a long-awaited return from the great Damien Rice, we thought it timely to re-post our ten favorite Irish acts.

Being a quarter Irish and from a family that treats St. Patty’s day like Easter, I thought it only appropriate that I would write and advocate for the Celts in the music. So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a time of year for Lucky Charms, excessive whiskey drinking, and green ketchup, we offer you up the ten greatest Irish musicians of all time.
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Best 20 Albums of 2013

greatest, favorite, best, albums of 2013

As Austin noted in our introduction to our favorite songs of 2013 list yesterday, it is much more difficult to list a years worth of favorites than one might think. 2013 was quite an interesting year in music. Many big names (or at least big expectations) left a disappointing taste in fans’ mouths (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Strokes, Jay-Z, etc.). This left the door wide open for smaller, and sometimes even unheard artists to really pave the way to a brighter future, and in some cases, all-out overnight stardom (Lorde, Savages, CHVRCHES, etc). This also left a lot of room for controversy. Who is worth the listen, and who is just going through the motions while filling our ear buds with noise? Well the controversy was not absent in making this list. With all three of us at LxL listing out our top 20 albums separately and then combining them into a normalized list, there was bound to be some peoples favorites left off. Mean things were said, blood was spilled, and opinions hotly thwarted. Nonetheless, the list must go on. Here is what we considered to be our favorite albums of 2013:

20. AlunaGeorge – Body Music
alunageorge body music album-cover art
Last year, Alunageorge’s “Your Drums, Your Love” ranked in at #20 on our favorite songs of 2012. This year, the soulful pop R&B duo returned with a full LP to support the single, as well as a grip of other ripe-for-the-shaggin’ type of tunes. The duo now garnered another #20 slot, but this time on our albums list with Body Music.
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My Bloody Valentine Show Review

My Bloody Valentine

November 3rd, 2013

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

My Bloody Valentine Chicago Show Review

Walking through the doors of Aragon Ballroom for Sunday’s My Bloody Valentine show, I knew I was in for a one-of-a-kind show. That’s because for the first time ever, I was actually handed earplugs by the staff at the door and was asked twice by security double-checking that I got my set of earplugs. The reason for this is My Bloody Valentine’s notoriously deafening shows, with the Irish shoegaze band building a sound so large it’s jarring every time it kicks in. The band released its third album earlier this year and its first in 22 years (a smash success by our estimation), and the band delivered cuts off all three albums with equal levels of success.
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A Valentine’s Day Almost Forgotten

Happy Valentines Day, gif, picture, best

Leave it to a music blog written by three dudes to totally forget that it’s freakin’ Valentine’s Day. The worst part is that Wes, our supposed trusted leader, is MARRIED! Had we remembered this nonsensical and most trivial of holidays before 10:30 AM the day of, we probably would have dedicated our patented Top Ten Thursday list to its honor. Disappointingly enough we also could have paired the list nicely and quite appropriately with our My Bloody Valentine review we posted earlier this week. However, since we did not think ahead to craft a new Valentine’s list, the MBV pairing is neither here nor there and we will simply re-post our list from last year later in the day. But for now, we leave you with about the only good thing that has really ever been associated with St. Valentine’s Day in our eyes (aside from a few on-point sitcom episodes here and there).
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