Outkast’s Return To Music: 1 Summer, 40 Festivals

Outkast, 2014, tour, 40 festivals

According to the dynamic hip hop duo’s webpage, the now near incognito legends have decided to take on a 20th Anniversary Tour. And what will this tour consist of? 40 stops at music festivals worldwide!
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Pinestock: The Greatest Music Festival In All the World

What: Pinestock Music Festival
When: September 7, 2012
Where: The Nate Norris Estate; Churubusco, Indiana
Pinestock 2012

It has been almost two months exactly since Pinestock 2012, and it’s time for LxL to share the experience with the world. On September 7, 2012, Churubusco Indiana was home to not only the greatest music festival in Indiana, nor simply the greatest music festival in America, but the greatest music festival in all the world: Pinestock. In the summer of 2011, my good friend Nate Norris moved his home to the small town of Churubusco. After clearing out some trails through his newly purchased and heavily wooded plot of land, he had quite the abundance of dead pine trees. What else is a man to do other than gather his friends along with some brews and good music and set those trees ablaze. The event was dubbed Pinestock, and rumors of its greatness traveled far and wide. Unfortunately for me, I was out of town and not in attendance the first year, but I was determined to not let this be the case if it was to happen again. Sure enough, given a year to recuperate, rebuild and of course with the support of a few more helping hands, Pinestock was back in 2012 and for its sophomore year; it was bigger, badder, and better than ever.
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LxL Fest: 3 Days, 33 Acts, 1 Stage

lxl fest, little by listen festival, music festival, lineup
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Coachella 2012 Review

Coachella, 2012, lineup, line up, poster, picture, snoop dogg, dr dre, radiohead, bon iver,
^^Incredible Lineup, Meh Festival

How does one review a Coachella? It is hard because you are taking a weekend that is very much a personal experience that involves close friends, music, and the good times you create (or don’t). Some people go to try and catch as many concerts as possible in three days. Some merely use it as an opportunity to explore how many drugs they can fill their body with in three days. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Some people go for the art. Some people probably just go for their friends. Teenagers go to fit in or to look like a rebel. Old farts go to feel young and seem hip. I even heard Bear Grylls showed up to film an episode of Man vs Festivals in order to properly demonstrate exactly how to drink copious amounts of alcohol in 108 degree weather without dying (I think the trick had something to do with mixing every drink with pickle juice). Personally, I only go for the Ferris wheel.
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