Menomena Review: Moms



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Menomena’s Moms may be one of the most phenomenally difficult albums for me to write about, due mostly to the fact I am not a musician myself and there is just so much going on that I am completely overwhelmed.  Fortunately, this is the good type of overwhelmed.  The type of overwhelmed where there could be utility in reviewing each and every song down to its bare bones.  Alas, no one wants to read a 2000 word review, and I don’t particularly want to write one, so please accept the next 500 or so as my inferior explanation of why I believe Moms to be firmly in the conversation for best album of 2012.
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Top Ten Thursday: 2010 Albums in Retrospect

As we gear up for the conclusion of another memorable year in music and our upcoming 2011 Best-of lists, we thought it would be fun to turn back the clock to a year ago, and look at the greatest albums of 2010. However, as hindsight is crystal clear, we have adjusted our rankings based on how we feel now, so some albums that may not have made our list last year that grew on us may show up here and vice-versa.

1. Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cover Art

The polarizing rapper’s magnum opus; a sort of wonderful ride through the psyche of the conflicted artist. MBDTF challenges the idea of what a hip-hop record is with songs like “Runaway” and “Lost In The World”, and also has its fair share of big-time hits with songs like “Power” and “All Of The Lights”.
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