Sleigh Bells Review: Bitter Rivals

Sleigh Bells
Bitter Rivals
sleigh bells, bitter rivals, album cover art

Sleigh Bells may not ever go down as one of the best bands of this musical generation, but dammit if this Brooklyn spawned two piece isn’t one of the more fun acts around. Their music is loud. It’s punchy. And it’s infectious. When first hitting the scene with Treats, Sleigh Bells’ sound was brilliant, new, and fresh. Following up with Reign of Terror, without changing their sound, they were able to continue to garner praise and expand their fan base. Now with the release of their third album Bitter Rivals, they are once again able to hang on to that signature high octane, overdriven sound. But will their still-young audience stay interested?
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Titus Andronicus Show Review

Titus Andronicus

The Metro, Chicago, IL

May 4th 2013

 Titus Andronicus show review at the Metro in Chicago

Last year, we wrote extensively about the career of Titus Andronicus, an anthemic, progressive punk rock band from New Jersey that finds their roots in equal parts patriotic rock hero Bruce Springsteen and anti-establishment punk acts like Minor Threat and the Clash. The band delivered a brilliant concept album based around the Civil War that toed the line about as well as any album I can think of showcasing a conflicted relationship with your country, and followed that with the decent but still disappointing Local Business, which we listed as one of our biggest disappointments of last year. So going into Saturday’s show, I had tempered enthusiasm seeing a band whose last album I wasn’t crazy about, but a band I have seen whip a crowd into a frenzy a few years ago at the Pitchfork Music Festival. What Titus Andronicus delivered was far beyond what I expected, in one of the wildest shows I have been to in quite some time.

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Tame Impala At The Metro Show Recap

Tame Impala

The Metro

November 13, 2012

Tame Impala Live, metro

Fellow LxL’er Wes and I happened to make it to our second show of the week together last night. Not that the Talking Heads cover band didn’t prove to be a fun-filled evening, but I think we both agreed that last night’s Tame Impala show far surpassed it. Walking through a very cold Wrigleyville last night, I was reminded of many previous nights either spent on that same strip, or in the Metro itself. Particularly one sub-zero temperature night in which a buddy and I were stranded on the streets after a Black Keys concert and were forced to seek shelter in a Subway sandwich shop like a common homeless person. That is another tale for a different time however. Metro has proven to be one of my favorite Chicago venues. Most every show there is under $20, and they still wrangle in some killer acts. Moreover, it’s such a small venue that there is literally no such thing as a bad seat. That is unless you were one of the 5-foot tall girls that just look like they are lost in a towering forest, never to see the stage.
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