St. Louis Cardinals Walk-Up Music: Year End Review 2013


I have been to more Cardinals games this summer than any summer since 2008; probably 15+, but no way of really knowing.  Capping it all off, I was able to see games this past Friday and Saturday as the birds launched themselves into first place.  I even had the coveted “green” seats on Friday for the first time in a few years.  Getting to see John Axford get booted from the game from about sixty feet away was priceless.

Nearing the end of what looks to be a very successful season, I thought it was about time to weigh in the Cardinals choices for the music that plays when they walk up to bat.  I looked at seven of the more interesting choices last year, so I’ll do you one better and give you eight this year.  As a quick disclaimer, some players do not use the same song for an entire year, and sometimes the walk-up music will change from game to game.  And since I can’t find a great authority for all the iterations players use, I just cherry pick the ones I actually want to write about.  Enjoy.

Jon Jay:  “Public Service Announcement” – Jay-Z

jon jay

Dopey-ass Jon Jay ditched last year’s jam, “Mercy”, for this Black Album Jay-Z track.  It certainly isn’t the most appropriate song for Jay, but has a quick-hitting walk-up song, it works quite well.  Perfect for the atmosphere at Busch, and even better with a couple men on base.  I don’t know what song would be completely appropriate for Jay, but at least this is an improvement.

Song Grade: A+
Appropriateness Grade: C+

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St. Louis Cardinals Walk-Up Music: Year End Review

picture of busch stadium neon light sign at night

I probably saw my last Cardinals game in-person last Friday, unless of course I am gifted with the holy sacrament of playoff tickets.  So it is appropriate after seeing about 12 or so games this year to evaluate the players’ choices for the music playing when they walk up to the plate.  What makes a great walk-up tune, you ask?  There are two main factors.  First, the song must be good, which is pretty self-explanatory.  If a player ever walks up to a Dashboard Confessional song, that is not good.  Second, the song should be appropriate to the player’s general demeanor and on-the field persona, and to some extent performance.  Bonus points can also be given if the track is somewhat humorous and obviously clashes with the player’s persona, but this territory should be tread carefully, much like trying to shoot the moon while playing Hearts.  In no particular order, here are seven notable walk-ups.
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