Earl Sweatshirt Review: Doris

Earl Sweatshirt



For some reason I believe a lot of people were expecting a masterpiece from Earl Sweatshirt.  A lot of hype has surrounded Earl’s return to the United States and getting back on the grid.  The hype wasn’t without merit, highlighted by his turn on Frank Ocean’s superb “Super Rich Kids”.  But I think everyone kind of forgets that a.) he is only 19 years of age, b.) his mixtape Earl was almost entirely produced by production wizard Tyler, the Creator, and c.) most of his other credits were at the hand of very experienced producers and more accomplished artists.  So no, Doris is not a masterpiece.  But give Earl Sweatshirt a couple more albums and I think he may have that potential.
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Final Thoughts: Bonnaroo 2012

To finalize our week de la Bonnaroo, we give you our final breakdown of the festival written by the third member of our 2012 Roo-Crew and very good friend Riley Johnson. This was Riley’s second year at Bonnaroo and is a great addition to the group, even if I did get him sick halfway through the weekend. So here you have it, our final installment and our most expansive breakdown yet, summarizing everything we saw. Enjoy:

Bonnaroo crowd entrance bands lineup
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