David Byrne & St. Vincent: Burning Down the House

David Byrne & St. Vincent

September 18th, 2012

Chicago Theatre

Chicago, IL

David Byrne and St. Vincent live at Chicago Theatre show review

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion: supergroups and high-profile collaborations rarely live up to their billing…on record. On stage, there is nothing more electrifying than seeing your favorite artists join forces on stage for an overwhelming level of talent. Whether it was Oysterhead, Monsters of Folk, or Kanye and Jay-Z, every high-profile collaboration I have seen has left me knocked out on the floor wanting more.
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David Byrne & St. Vincent Review: An Off-Kilter Review for An Off-Kilter Collaboration

David Byrne & St. Vincent
Love This Giant

david byrne and st vincent, love this giant, album, cover, art

We at LxL have been at this for almost a year now. In this past year I have written my fair share of reviews and to be honest, I’m a bit tired of writing just the standard 700+ words all lumped together in a few poorly spelled paragraphs for a review. So for this particular off-kilter duo and their off-kilter album, I’m going to try and mix things up with a bit of an off-kilter review that tracks exactly how I came to develop my opinion for this album.

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David Byrne & St. Vincent: Double Song Review

St. Vincent & David Byrne

“Who” / “Weekend In The Dust”

St. Vincent & David Byrne Love This Giant

Collaboration albums rarely live up to their billing, but one as intriguing as the Talking Heads mastermind David Byrne and indie guitar queen St. Vincent. So while we are a month away from their album, Love This Giant, release and a month and a week before I catch the duo live in Chicago, I figured we would shed some light on the first two songs of the project with a double song review.
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