Autre Ne Veut Show Review

Autre Ne Veut

Lincoln Hall

Chicago, IL

July 21, 2013


Back in 2007, I attended a show by The Killers at Red Rocks Amphitheater just outside Denver, CO.  My sister was living in Denver at the time and we planned a trip for me to go out there pretty much every year around making it to a show at Red Rocks.  In 2007, off the heels of their sophomore release, Sam’s Town, we really wanted to see The Killers.  I had seen The Killers once or twice before, but if memory serves me, it would be my sister’s first time seeing the Vegas rockers.  We were beyond excited to fulfill our yearly tradition.  We got to the venue nice and early, ate a picnic dinner, drank our fair share of beers, and entered the venue.  Everything was going as planned.

Then, after three songs (“Sam’s Town”, “Enterlude”, and “When You Were Young”) this happened…

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Metz Show Review

Lincoln Hall
May 12th, 2013
Chicago, IL

Metz, Band

Rarely do I get to experience a show thats memories will be so forever imprinted on my life. Even if this is because my face will now be slightly more deformed than ever before, I still consider this a good thing. And no, I don’t say this because of some theoretical “face melting guitar solos”. This is because I shattered my nose on some dude’s shoulder while moshing halfway into the show. But before I get into that, let’s backtrack a bit shall we?
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Deerhoof Show Review

April 8, 2013
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, IL

deerhoof, live, lincoln hall

Privileged are those who are granted with the gift of watching a band as talented as Deerhoof perform live. Back in 2007, when I was first introduced to them, I wasn’t fully aware of the impact they had already had in the music world. By that time they had already been around for over twelve years and released at least eight full length albums. Not to mention they were very heavily regarded in the eyes of critics and musicians alike. They had even been invited to tour with some of my favorites and music’s best and brightest such as Radiohead, TV on the Radio, Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Roots, David Bowie, Beck, The Flaming Lips, and many more. If you don’t see a clear picture of why this is by listening to there recorded material, you certainly will after seeing them live.

^ See?
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra with Foxygen Show Review

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
with special guests Foxygen
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, IL

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, live, 3/7/2012, Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall! Wow! Hats off to venues that can dovetail a bar, a restaurant,
and concert venue in such an incredibly seamless fashion. This place is
one of the best small venues I’ve been too, sound-wise, environment-wise,
and price-wise. Not only that, but they are also home to one of the better
tacos (pork belly mind you) and beer selections I’ve ever seen at a music
venue. If you’re looking to catch a cheap show in Chicago, I’d start here.
Last night fellow LxL’er Wes and myself were treated to quite the show
in this wonderful hall of sound and music. The lineup: Wampire, Foxygen, and
Unknown Mortal Orchestra. All psychedelic throwbacks, each equipped with
their own unique sounds and quirks. If you follow us at LxL, I know you’ve
heard me gush over two of these three bands a lot lately. Well put on your
raincoat because I’m about to gush all over the place once again.
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