Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardener” Review

Courtney Barnett

“Avant Gardener”

Courtney Barnett

26-year-old Aussie Courtney Barnett brings a sound we haven’t heard for a while: street smart, radio-friendly rock music. Barnett’s first album, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, is actually two EPs smashed together, which is really just a collection of everything she has done up to this point. Something about this collection of EPs seems more honest and down-to-earth than the repackaged debut studio album. While I thought about covering the whole shebang, I thought I would focus on “Avant Gardener”, the best song on The Double EP, which sports a sound that’s both refreshing and reminiscent of growing up in the 90’s when the Lillith Fair music of Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair, and Shawn Colvin ruled the airwaves.
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Hear This Not That: Maligned Musicians

 Hear This Not That Maligned Musicians

This summer, I have been spending less time listening to the big summer jams (the Mileys, Get Luckies, and Blurred Lines of the world), and more times exploring random artists who I have previously ragged on, or at least never got the full picture on. The three artists listed have all had their moment in the spotlight as sort of one-hit or some-hit wonders or as some sort of other pop culture entity. So I thought why not advice you away from their sugary and dangerous options and towards their better, healthier songs. So here’s another installment of Hear This Not That.
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