LxListening: On Broadway

Five Favorite Broadway Songs

So I was not at all raised on the theater being in a house of four brothers and no sisters, and I still to this day have only seen a handful of musicals, but in recent years, I have really fallen in love with the art form. And after seeing the absolutely hilarious Book of Mormon this past week, I have dug back into my Broadway song favorites. So here are five of my favorite Broadway songs from five of my favorite musicals.
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Top Ten Thursday: Best Movies of 2012

Beasts of Southern Wild, girl, hushpuppy, sparklers

Here it is, the last of our end of the year lists. And no, it does not pertain to music. We know we are a music blog, but we do also have a strong passion for the more visually exciting end of the entertainment industry as well. This was a bit of a difficult year for us to agree on, especially because we have not all seen the same movies, or for that matter, even all the movies we’d like to have seen. So in these instances, some were missed and some were snubbed. In any right, here was what we came up with for our favorites of 2012:
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