The YouTube Music Video Awards: Why Not?

YouTube Music Video Awards

Music awards and ceremonies these days have become nothing short of a joke. Grammy’s: worthless garbage. MTV VMA’s: maybe if this was still the 90’s. American Music Awards: is that really even still a thing? In my opinion, if we consumers really need our music taste validated by some worthless award ceremony it should at least be one that eliminates all political or monetary persuasion, and is not restricted to the grip of big label entertainment. Enter the first YouTube Music Video Awards. Sound gimmicky? It more than likely will be. The performance lineup already looks stupidly similar to a Grammy’s bill. The artists so far include Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire, who judging by their horrific SNL performance last saturday, will likely be the worst of the three always over-hyped acts. So what edge DOES the YouTube Music Video Awards actually have that might make it worth watching? Let’s explore:
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The Lonely Island Album Review: The Wack Album

The Lonely Island

The Wack Album

wack album

Is it possible for a “fake rap” group to improve their rapping talents to the point where they can be confused with a passable but unspectacular hip-hop outfit?  With The Lonely Island’s third studio album, The Wack Album, the trio’s over-the-top songs are masked almost too much by pristine production, the who’s who of guest appearances, and the ever-increasing talents of the members themselves.  In fact, if you aren’t paying close attention to the lyrics, most of the tracks will glide right over your head as middling Top 40 hip-hop.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  I’m not exactly sure.
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This NOT That: The Healthy Choice

Eat This Not That Diet Book

While doing some light reading out of his wife’s diet magazines one evening, Wes discovered a brilliant scheme for us to rip off for a new LxL segment. Thus, today I am bringing you LxL’s first of many, “This NOT That” write-ups. Basically, we take a quick look at what is topping the charts and offer alternatives that we believe are healthier, more choice options for our readers to be listening too. Our goal is to trash a bit on the modern rubbish that is currently out-performing a few of the lesser-known, yet better options. So below are three selections from the current “Top 40” lists that I thought were especially appalling. One single, one album, and one music video. Let’s talk healthy listening …
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