The Legend of John Legend

Who ever decided John Legend should be featured on every major hip-hop release to come out, and when was this decision made?  God, that’s who.  It is true God rested on the seventh day, but in all actuality he spent the majority of that seventh day contemplating the creation of singer/songwriter John Legend almost 8,000 years later.  Hit the jump for the main talking points of why John Legend was actually not a gift from God, but a curse.
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G.O.O.D. Music Review Royale: Cruel Expectations

G.O.O.D. Music

Cruel Summer

Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer Album Cover Art

Arguably the most anticipated release of the summer releases with one of the most unfitting times – who releases an album called Cruel Summer with four days left in summer? Kanye does, a man with clearly no regard for the seasons, and an ever-increasing ego to boot. People often get driven wild by Kanye’s egomaniacal antics and proclamations about being the greatest thing since Jesus Christ or sliced bread, but what goes wrong with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music  compilation album, Cruel Summer, is Ye passing his ego onto his friends and believing if they hang with him, they must be great enough to stunt as well. What results is an album as inconsistent as the rappers Kanye has accrued.
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Naughty by Nature Review: Nostalgia Isn’t Enough

Naughty by Nature
Anthem Inc.

naughty by nature, cover art, anthem inc. album,
Leading a fairly sheltered existence during my childhood, I wasn’t privy to the wonders of Naughty by Nature until they appeared as a musical guest on one of the all-time Nickelodeon classics, All That. This sketch comedy show was the high-water mark for humor aimed at kids, as well as an introductory course in hip-hop and R&B for youngsters. The likes of TLC, A Tribe Called Quest, Aaliyah, Nas, Blackstreet, and many more earned my instant affection from their appearances on this seminal show. Although all these artists kept it clean because of the target audience of Nickelodeon, there was still a level of uncomfortable feelings that emerged watching the musical guest with my parents. I think this was what may have first drawn me to hip-hop – my parents disapproval – and probably the whitest way to be introduced/start enjoying hip-hop. Nevertheless, the love affair was born, and Naughty by Nature was an important player in this development.
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A$AP Rocky Review: This Sh*t Cray

A$AP Rocky Review


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This may be the only time I ever review a mixtape.  Some hip-hop artists are so prolific with the amount of mixtapes they release (e.g., Gucci Mane), it is often hard to keep up.  So, I often just stick to studio releases, and the occasional mixtape that gets a lot of good publicity.  Well, I can’t recall a mixtape that has gotten as much hype as A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP, and the alleged 3 million dollar deal he received from RCA/Sony.  I was skeptical of the hype Rocky has been receiving, but let me tell you that this self-proclaimed “pretty motherf****r” has delivered not just the best mixtape of the year, but possibly the best hip-hop album in general.

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