Sharon Van Etten Review: Are We There

Sharon Van Etten

Are We There

Sharon Van Etten Are We There Review

Listening to Brooklyn singer Sharon Van Etten’s music, you get the feeling that she is the type of person that could cry on command. She sings with such unguarded emotion, it seems like she truly embodies and lives these songs. Her first three albums display the power of love and the search for redemption in every situation. Her fourth album, Are We There finds Sharon Van Etten as content and in love as ever, and the sound matches that comfort: you can slip into it like a warm snuggie and never want to come out.
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Top Ten Thursday: Break-up Songs So Good You Might Want To Break-up Just to Get the Full Effect

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For some reason we decided to list the top ten break-up songs the same week as Valentine’s Day.  This is awfully cynical, but most relationships do end up in a break up, so deal with it.  The discussion on which songs should make the list was uncharacteristically emotional for a LxL meeting, and ended with Wes quite sore over several subjects and Todd reduced to a puddle of salty-teared emotion.  The end list did end up quite interesting though, with several classics, and a fair bit of 90’s girl pop.  Let’s see if I can give all these songs justice without crying into my ice cream. 

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Top Ten Thursday: LxL Comes Alive

We at LxL believe that a live performance is by far the best way to experience music, but if you can’t make it out to a show, why not try to experience it through a live album? In honor of the release of the Sigur Rós’s live double album, Inni, here are our top ten favorite live albums that best capture the non-stop energy, raw emotion, and incredible skill utilized in the most unforgettable shows.

James Brown, Live at the Apollo
Nice Ups!

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