The 5 Most Thankful Songs For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, Turkey, day, holiday, thanks, pilgrims, native americans

LxL is taking a short hiatus for the upcoming holiday weekend, but before we go we wanted to give thanks for our favorite songs that also happen to give thanks in their own right. Because this is not a Top Ten Thursday post, we decided to keep things short and sweet with five solid tracks in this edition of Weak List Wednesday: Thanks!. We feel these tracks best represent the spirit of thankfulness, glorified gluttony, and pilgrims eating Native Americans … I mean pilgrims eating WITH the Native Americans … wait how’d that go? Anyways, onto the list:

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The 10 Best Jock Jams


With the first NFL game tonight, we thought we would kick things off with our top ten jock jams, our favorite songs for sporting events. While many music fans tend to be a bit mum on sports, not so with LxL. All three of us enjoy sportball on some level. So here are 10 of our favorite songs that get us amped up for the big game.
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Beyoncé Review: BEYONCÉ



Beyonce album cover art

Most Best of the Year lists arrive at the beginning of December, almost a whole month before the year is actually over, because most media outlets get advanced copies of most everything and want to be the first to publish their lists. Beyoncé tricked the media cycle by releasing her latest self-titled album, which came out December 13th at midnight with no prior media knowledge of the release; the album is a visual album, with a high-budget video for each song. Not only is the album well-thought out for such a surprisingly  sudden release, but it’s also her most experimental album and her best that I have heard, though I have only admittedly listened to her last 3 albums.
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Weak List Wednesday: Top 5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2013



The above picture is a perfect microcosm of how we felt about the albums on our short list today.  We were all excited to some extent or another about each of the disappointing albums found below.  In fact, three of the albums below were on our list at the beginning of the year for the Top Ten Most Anticipated Albums of 2013.  If you look at that list you will see we definitely have some fine-tuning to do in our decision-making of where to place expectations.  I think it may be time to temper expectations so that they are actually exceeded once or twice in 2014.  Enjoy the short list and let us know which albums you found to be the most disappointing in 2013.

5. The Weeknd – Kiss Land

kiss land

After a really solid stretch, The Weeknd went on to release this absolute snoozefest in 2013.  With the only collaboration on the album being with Drake, it stands to reason The Weeknd should have gone a little farther outside his comfort zone on Kiss Land.  
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2013: The Year Dance Music Became King

2013: The Year Dance Became King

It’s been a steady shift over the past few years, but I believe 2013 was finally the year dance music (more specifically of the electronic persuasion) took the throne from hip hop as the most dominant genre in music today. There were multiple signifiers to me throughout the year that this shift has finally occurred, and below I will lay out the four biggest signs the robots have finally taken over.
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Justin Timberlake Review: The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2

Justin Timberlake

The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 album cover art

Back in March, LxL mostly gushed over Justin Timberlake’s long-awaited musical return, The 20/20 Experience, the surprisingly experimental pop record from the former ‘N Sync singer. Sure it was mostly bubblegum pop music, but it was chopped, twisted, and expounded upon in fresh and interesting ways. When I heard there was a part two coming of the album, I couldn’t believe Timberlake would release what was sure to be a second smash album in seven months. However, with The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, we get what is essentially a glorified b-sides (closer to d-sides) album with none of the ingenuity of part 1 and a whole lot more stupidity.
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St. Louis Cardinals Walk-Up Music: Year End Review 2013


I have been to more Cardinals games this summer than any summer since 2008; probably 15+, but no way of really knowing.  Capping it all off, I was able to see games this past Friday and Saturday as the birds launched themselves into first place.  I even had the coveted “green” seats on Friday for the first time in a few years.  Getting to see John Axford get booted from the game from about sixty feet away was priceless.

Nearing the end of what looks to be a very successful season, I thought it was about time to weigh in the Cardinals choices for the music that plays when they walk up to bat.  I looked at seven of the more interesting choices last year, so I’ll do you one better and give you eight this year.  As a quick disclaimer, some players do not use the same song for an entire year, and sometimes the walk-up music will change from game to game.  And since I can’t find a great authority for all the iterations players use, I just cherry pick the ones I actually want to write about.  Enjoy.

Jon Jay:  “Public Service Announcement” – Jay-Z

jon jay

Dopey-ass Jon Jay ditched last year’s jam, “Mercy”, for this Black Album Jay-Z track.  It certainly isn’t the most appropriate song for Jay, but has a quick-hitting walk-up song, it works quite well.  Perfect for the atmosphere at Busch, and even better with a couple men on base.  I don’t know what song would be completely appropriate for Jay, but at least this is an improvement.

Song Grade: A+
Appropriateness Grade: C+

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