The 10 Best Winter Albums


Wes as a wee cub


We at LxL are men for all seasons, and winter is no exception.  As three people grown up and still suffering through the Midwestern cold, we get the meaning of winter.  So we know you need a little musical help to get you through the harsh cold. Here are our top ten albums of winter. Enjoy.

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The Antlers Review: Familiars

The Antlers


The Antlers Familiars Review

Brooklyn-based trio The Antlers have truly been a band to watch (and hear) ever since the release of 2009’s Hospice, our 5th favorite concept album and 3rd favorite winter album of all time. The album centered around lead singer Pete Siberman sitting in the hospital as he watch a loved one die, and Siberman’s haunting voice on top of the careful and sorrowful orchestration makes for one of the most powerful albums I’ve ever heard. It’s follow up Burst Apart, brought a more lively pop sound, which I thought made the band poised to breakout though they didn’t quite do so. Their super-underrated Undersea EP followed, and really stands as a precursor for their latest album Familiars, which instead of further projecting and expanding out like Burst Apart, the band turns inward for a beautiful elusive dream, that ebbs and flows in stunning fashion.
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The Antlers Review: Undersea

The Antlers


The Antlers, Undersea, album, cover, art

The Antlers have been a pet favorite of mine ever since the release of the exceptional Hospice in 2009.  The release of Burst Apart last year further affirmed my believe The Antlers are one of the most exciting bands to be following in the world of music right now.  Where The Antlers have thrived and found their success on Hospice and Burst Apart lies in the almost compulsive production.  Peter Silberman, the band’s main creative force, has made a mark on The Antler’s two proper albums by delving into the most minute details of the band’s sound.

That being said, the release of last year’s EP, Together, left a lot to be desired.  The execution of Together made me a little nervous about how their newest EP, Undersea, would turn out.  Together is a completely different animal compared to Undersea though.  Together was a collection of alternate versions of songs from Burst Apart, along with one unreleased track from those sessions and a completely unnecessary cover of “VCR” by The xx.  Together just didn’t bring a lot new or interesting to the table, other than maybe the addition of Nicole Atkins vocals on the Burst Apart track “Hounds”.  Undersea, on the other hand, is a cohesive collection of four new tracks in a nice little package.
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Top Ten Thursday: The Sounds of Winter

Wes as a wee cub

We at LxL are men for all seasons, and winter is no exception.  Oh, wait, Todd lives in the concrete jungles of Cali where the weather rarely dips below 60.  That’s alright, he is still an Indianaananaan (not really sure how to write that, or say it for that matter) at heart.  Here are our top ten albums of winter. Enjoy.

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Top Ten Thursday: Conception

With the great disappointment of Mylo Xyloto (Coldplays new concept album that dropped earlier this week) still being fresh in our heads, we at LxL wanted to remind the world that there are indeed good concept albums out there. Apologies to Austin, who got particularly screwed in this weeks voting, but nonetheless, here is what we came up with:
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