Best Movies of 2014

movies of 2014

I know what you may be thinking by the photo above, and yes, all of those movies did make our list. Now, as a brief disclaimer, there are quite a few movies this year that we have yet to see. Including the likes of Inherent Vice, Big Hero 6, 300: Rise of an Empire, etc, but the below is what we have seen from 2014, and what we feel was tops. Let us hear your qualms:
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St. Vincent Double Song Review

St. Vincent

“Birth in Reverse” / “Digital Witness”

St. Vincent Double Song Review

Over the last five years, Texas guitaress  Annie Clark aka St. Vincent has had as dynamic of a stretch as any artist. In 2009, she released her beautiful and eerie sophomore album Actor, followed in 2011 by Strange Mercy, my favorite album of that year, and a creative guitar pop masterpiece. In 2012, St. Vincent was not only our favorite live performer of the year, but she hooked up with another one of our favorites, the Talking Heads’ David Byrne, for the wonderfully funky Love This Giant which also landed on our best albums of 2012. After a year of touring a beautifully synchronized and horn-laden show with David Byrne in 2013, St. Vincent is due in 2014 to release her fifth album, a self-titled release that appears to be taking some notes from her time with David Byrne.   So like I did in 2012 with the first two singles off Love This Giant, here is a double-song review of the first two singles off her upcoming self-titled album, “Birth in Reverse” and “Digital Witness”.
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