The 10 Best Instrumental Tracks

LxL_TopTenThursdays_02_900x300Best Instrumental Only Tracks

Thanks to a recent run in great rock instrumentals (Jack White’s raucous “High Ball Stepper” and Real Estate’s chillaxed “April’s Song” to name a couple), we thought we would take a look at the best all-time vocal-free tracks.

First, a few guidelines: we decided to exclude electronic, classical, jazz, and any other genre that is primarily instrumental only. We also avoided artist who release primarily instrumental tracks (sorry Explosions in the Sky). So without further ado, here are our 10 favorite instrumental tracks.
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Jack White Review Royale: Lazaretto


jack white, lazaretto, album cover


Jack White has had a busy last year in the public for all the wrong reasons: he dissed fellow bluesman Dan Auerbach, ripped on his old bandmate Meg White and many others in Rolling Stone, and got divorced from his wife Karen Elson. After all the media mess, Jack White delivered a really classy apology on his website for all the comments and now looks to make the music the center of attention once again with his second solo album Lazaretto. Like his first solo album Blunderbuss, which all three of us praised in 2012, Jack White delivers an overall package like no other: master songwriter, guitarist, and jack of all genres, even ones as odd as reggae rap rock.
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Jack White Releases New Instrumental Track “High Ball Stepper” From Upcoming Album Lazaretto

jack white new song, high ball stepper

If you have yet to hear, Jack White really wet some whistles yesterday by randomly dropping a brand new track titled “High Ball Stepper”. Although it is apparently not the official lead single from his forthcoming album, the track is indeed going to be an actual product of Jack’s newest and bluest baby, Lazaretto. Music lovers were shocked, intrigued, and heavily satisfied all at once by this beast of an instrumental track.
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