2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show Recap

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Like every first Sunday evening in February, most Americans were glued to their television two nights ago, transfixed on the most-watched event of the year: The Super Bowl. But what is normally a guaranteed night of non-stop entertainment, was quickly turned into a 4 hour snooze-fest after the Denver Broncos simply decided to sit this one out. An odd choice in games to not show up for given that it is, ya know, the Super Bowl, but everyone needs a break once and again I guess. So what could make TV’s biggest night even worse? The backup entertainment options, those being the commercials and the infamous Super Bowl halftime show, offered up almost zero entertainment value as well (aside from a surprisingly hilarious effort from Jimmy John’s and an incredible two part comeback performance featuring Stephen Colbert from the Pistachio company, after the horrendous attempt of comedic relevancy with the “Cracking Gangnam Style” disaster of of 2013). When it is all said and done however, I guess the least surprising of the three disasppointments was in fact the halftime show. I suppose that is what you get for booking whom fellow LxL’er Wes, has deemed “the modern day Frankie Valli” (Bruno Mars) with a band that hasn’t actually been relevant for almost eight years (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
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Beyonce’s Halftime Show Review

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Ahhh the Super Bowl. Americas most viewed day of television. The day where without any excuse or regard, it is not only acceptable but encouraged to gorge yourself with incredibly unhealthy food and drink. Generally shared with a group of friends or family, and whether you care about the sport of football or not, it is destined to be a fun day for all. Yes, it comes with down sides. For instance, Baltimore winning last night was quite the let-down. Joe Flacco taking home the MVP trophy was even a bit more of a disappointment. But aside from certain teams winning or losing, peoples expectations of everything that surrounds the game are set very high. The commercials for instance, are even critiqued and ridiculed as if the one purpose they serve is to thoroughly entertain the viewer, not advertise a product to them. And of course, we have the halftime show. The sometimes dreaded (Black Eyed Peas), sometimes scandalous (JT and Janet Jackson), and sometimes decrepit (Rolling Stones/Paul McCartney) halftime show. This year, was not any of these things. In fact, quite the opposite. This year we were blessed with watching one of the most beautiful creatures that walks this Earth do what she does best: Entertain. The one and only Mrs. Carter. Sasha Fierce. The Queen of Single Ladies everywhere. Blue Ivy’s Mom. Beyonce!

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